about us: We are an artist-led online resource and network which believes the best of artists and recognises something of the altruism of socially engaged practice. Red Teapot is predicated on sharing and collaboration and exists to provide space for artists to keep talking to each other. Please have a read, register if you'd like to be sent periodic updates and [most importantly] contribute if you can. The site relies on YOU posting stuff up, so please don't be shy...tell us your news, ask your questions, advertise for a collaborator or barter your skills. 

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Red Teapot Book

This 62 page book offers a round up and reminder of what went on at Red Teapot Day, as well as putting forward a few theories about art and artists that we hope will get you thinking and talking.

I hope there will be stuff in the book you agree with. I hope there will be stuff that makes you think. Resonates. Makes you want to start a conversation. And I hope you'll let us know about how that conversation goes.

For examples of our theories - and details of how to get hold of a copy of the book, please visit the Red Teapot Day page.

Red Teapot Book

Regular Networking Events

* Emerge Network - 3rd Thursday of the month at ICE

* Pecha Kucha Coventry - quarterly rapid-fire creative networking.

* Let us know of any other regular networking events that should be included here.

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